Clive Castle Online Marketer

Clive Castle Online Marketer

Is an online marketer, web developer, entrepreneur and adventurer. With a history of working for large media companies such as the newspaper The Mirror and publishing house Dorling Kindersley, Clive began his career working in publishing but eventually found his calling as an online marketer and web developer.

For the past eight years, Clive has been living the dream, traveling the globe, while marketing and creating websites, mobile sites and apps for international companies. Clive has a Google Developers License, and is able to develop and publish Google apps on the Google Play market( Clive Castle APP) , and design websites with strong SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and ORM (Online Reputation Management) content.

The adventurer in Clive has taken him to all four corners of the earth, from Asia and Australia, to Egypt, Italy and France. He continues to travel and discover more of the planet and the many cultures and wonders it has to offer, while simultaneously using his skills and experience to advance his online companies.



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