Imagine you had a single post on Facebook generate more 42,000 interactions, reaching 2.8 million people. Imagine that the post was promoting a product that had real commercial value for your business. Now, imagine if you didn’t even spend a dollar on it. That’s the power of viral marketing.Denis Piszczek is an entrepreneur widely known for coordinating powerful, branded viral marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, including the example above, which he coordinated on behalf of Kinder Bueno. I sat down with him to understand how he formulates viral campaigns, both on his own Facebook pages, such as Faktglaublich and Video Trends — two of the largest viral pages in Germany — and for clients all over the world.Understanding ViralityIn order to tap into the exponential growth of a viral marketing campaign, it’s crucial to first understand why people share things. According to a study conducted by the New York Times’s Consumer Insight Group, people share things to

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